At Armed Athletics, we believe that athletics is one of the great opportunities to invest in a heart and soul to positively impact a life. We’ve made it our passion to seize this opportunity to the utmost. People arrive to new arenas in different ways, along different paths. Some may arrive on time, and others late. Some may arrive prepared, and others a few steps behind. The success of any family, organization, and team is not subject to who arrives or how they got there, but to the plan and strategy of developing them once they show up. It’s more important to consider the condition that one will leave my presence, than the condition in which they arrive. When a person shows up under your leadership – no matter what state they are in – do they have a chance to succeed? At Armed Athletics, we have a passion to help you make sure that every person has an opportunity to excel under your leadership, that they leave differently than they arrived, and that they arrive better to their next environment than they arrived in yours. We desire for your influence and leadership to make entire lives, families, organizations, and communities better because of how you intentionally invested in another’s heart and soul.


Every heart and soul matters
Every heart and soul has unique ability and purpose
Every heart and soul needs someone to lead and serve them


Cultural Development

  • Helping coaches discover what makes them an asset
  • Creating systems and environments for values to be exchanged
  • Promoting the beliefs, values, and actions required for excellence in every shared interaction

Personal Development

  • Helping athletes discover what is in their heart and soul in order to offer their entire heart and soul in every aspect of life
  • Creating achievable goals that build character and confidence
  • Promoting the belief that one heart and soul person can change the world


Cultural Development

Initial Contact – conversation with Head Coach and HC survey

Vision Crafting – In-depth with Head Coach on his unique vision, character, and skills. Aims to unlock the treasure within a coach so that it can be offered to each assistant coach and player.

Assessment – 2-3 day visit to be immersed in the program
Includes: Multiple one-on-one with Head Coach, interaction with coaches and players, observing daily activities, survey of assistant coaches and selected players, collecting demographic and academic data on players

Implementation – Identifying the systems that need to be enhanced and established for sustained success, developing character development avenues that fit the HC’s vision, presenting the plan to coaching staff for execution.

Personal Development

Assessment – developing a heart and soul relationship that that identifies and enhances the strengths of each athlete for a purposeful and fulfilling life

Personal Development Plan – creating a personal development plan for spiritual, social, academic, and athletic growth that requires the commitment of mind, body, and soul.

Personalized Character Coaching – focusing in on traits that each athlete desires and needs to grow in for sustained success through relational dialogue.

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